Special Education
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Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 2006

    State and federal laws say that all children with disabilities have a right to a free and appropriate education (FAPE). Special education includes classroom programs and other types of services that are designed especially for children with various types of disabilities. In Michigan, special education services shall be provided to eligible students from BIRTH through age 25, or until graduation from high school.

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    LCISD Special Education Plan

    Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education (MARSE)

    LCISD Special Education Procedures and Guidance Manual 

    Request for Records

    Please send any request for records for students that attended the LCISD Center Program to:  Fax:  (810) 724-7600


    procedural safeguards

    LCISD Special Education Parent Handbook and Procedural Safeguards
    Special Education provides additional services, support, programs, specialized placement or environments to ensure that all eligible students' educational needs are being met. Removing barriers to learning, while employing best practices in a school wide setting is the key to high  achievement and successful school and post school outcomes for all students with special needs or different learning styles. Each student achieving to their personal potential towards independence and employability in the least restrictive environment is the goal of special education.

    LCISD Special Education Brochure

    Special Education Contacts
    Michelle Proulx
    Lapeer County ISD
    Director of Special Education

    (810) 245-3961 phone
    (810) 277-3038 fax

    Hollie Wagner
    Lapeer County ISD
    Special Education Secretary
    Medicaid/Homebound Coordinator
    (810) 245-3962 phone
    (810) 277-3038 fax

    Casey Rich
    Lapeer County ISD
    Coordinator of Special Education - Center Program
    (810) 667-6777 phone

    Diane Rusnell

    Lapeer County ISD
    Special Education Secretary - Center Program
    (810) 667-6166 phone

    Shawnna Calopisis-
    Almont, Dryden, Imlay City Schools

    Coordinator of Special Education
    (810) 724-9889


    Jennifer English - CEC

    Almont, Dryden, Imlay City
    Special Education

    (810) 724-9890

    Jennifer Tindall

    Lapeer Community Schools
    Director of Special Education
    (810) 538-1630 phone

    Beth Darga

    Lapeer Community Schools
    Special Education Secretary
    (810) 538-1627 phone

    Lori Wierbicki
    North Branch Area Schools
    Special Ed Supervisor
    (810) 688-3570 phone

    Heather Hawkins

    North Branch Area Schools
    Special Education Secre
    (810) 688-3570 phone

    Theresa Frakes
    Compliance Monitor / Behavior Specialist
    (810) 245-3960

    Lynn Borck
    Chatfield School
    Special Education Secretary
    (810) 667-8970 Ext 201


    Visit our LCISD LiveBinder Page for extensive resources for all areas of special education. These pages are updated frequently by all of our fabulous staff members!