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welcoming committee
Our daily welcoming committee...
Counselor Lisa Spohn, Asst. Principal Dawn Cowhy, and Counselor Brenda Weingartz

Lapeer County Education & Technology Center (ETC) is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) school building that’s available for all county districts’ students. ETC offers 18 high skill, high wage, high demand, hands-on, career focused programs for all high school juniors and seniors within Lapeer County.

These skills incorporate teamwork, problem solving, and combine real world learning with rigorous academic subjects such as math, science, and STEM. Students not only can earn credits required for their high school graduation, but all of our CTE programs also offer industry and national certifications, as well as college credit.

 We have a strong and a very active work based learning program. This is where a good percentage of our advanced students are actually working in the field of their study, using the skills they've learned in class, while still in school.

 All of our programs also participate in a Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO) as extracurricular student activities. SkillsUSA, HOSA, FFA, DECA, BPA, and MITES are some of the national student organizations we belong to. These extracurricular activities help students master their communication, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, organizational, and classroom content skills.

 ETC also offers Early College to all eligible high school juniors and seniors within Lapeer county. We partner with U of M Flint, Baker College, Rochester College, Mott and Macomb Community Colleges. Students have the opportunity to earn up to an Associate’s degree after their 13th year, or one year after high school, at no cost to the student or parent.

 There is something for everyone at ETC. We are extremely proud of our creative and accomplished students, our dedicated staff, and our state-of-the-art state approved CTE hands-on programs. Whether you know exactly what career path you’re on, you want to explore, or are just looking for a different kind of school day, ETC is for you.

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